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It would have been about 50-50F, night time, after dark and I'm not sure about the humidity.

Since investigators did little to determine TOD, the little that is known is being studied. The victim (who was shot to death) was found with her eyes open and they were clear.

I know it is not much to go by. I wondered if anyone could direct me to studies on this subject.

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> Under what conditions of: ambient temperature, relative humidity, indoors or outdoors, wind, etc?
> Dave Hause
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> Hi everyone. I joined this group because I became interested and involved in a few wrongful conviction cases. I created a blog page to discuss some of the cases. Though I have a chemistry degree, I don't know a lot about forensic science but I like to read about it and enjoy following this forum.
> On one of the cases, the family of the accused is searching for an expert on this:
> "We are hunting for an expert regarding the rate @ which corneas cloud over after death if the eyes remain open."
> If anyone can help, please reply or feel free to email me at lablanchard@... <blockedmailto:lablanchard%40nc.rr.com>
> Thank you,
> Lynne

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