Re: [MARINE_BIOLOGY_INTERNATIONAL] Pollution Forms an Invisible Barrier for Marine Life


On 3/9/2011 2:52 AM, Dr. Mann wrote: In the Southern California Bight,
more than 60 sewage and urban runoff sources discharge over 1 billion
gallons of liquid on a dry day with the two largest sources of
contaminants being sewage from municipal treatment plants and urban
runoff from highly modified river basins. These discharges transport
large loads of known and unknown contaminants including heavy metals,
chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, nutrients, and
bacteria, that have shown to be toxic to marine life, including both
adult and larval (early development) stages.

Ardeith asks: Why no mention of such things as hormone pollution? It
has been
reported that hormones from human wastes effect fish, frogs, and
alligators in
fresh waters.......I would think the same thing might be happening in
ocean waters
that receive treated sewage. I've read that such hormones are not
removed by
the usual sewage treatments.

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