[MARINE_BIOLOGY_INTERNATIONAL] Fresh water released into Caloosahatchee


Afternoon thunderstorms that rolled into Lee County this week brought enough fresh water for the Army Corps of Engineers to open the Franklin Lock and release the fresh water into the suffering Caloosahatchee River.

South Florida Water Management's decision to hold back fresh water releases from the Caloosahatchee River has been as controversial topic, as sugarcane fields are still getting water due to a state-issued contract.

But water officials say that could soon change.

"We developed operating criteria to balance competing interests now our executive director said let's look again," said South Florida Water Management District Operations Manager, Tommy Strowd.

Water managers say they're taking steps to keep from poisoning the Caloosahatchee River during the next drought.

They want to build more water storage reservoirs that could hold more water when the lake has too much, and release it if we face drought conditions again next year.

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