[MARINE_BIOLOGY_INTERNATIONAL] Intro-marine biology partner sought


My name is Rudy Socha and I am the CEO of Wounded Nature - Working Veterans www.woundednature.org

We are a new 501c3 non-profit that has Pepsi, Green Mountain Coffee, Google, and CSX executive among others serving on our board of directors.

We will have 5 houseboats moving up and down the East Coast cleaning rural beaches and estuaries. The clean-up crew will consist of recently discharged veterans who will work for us for 120 days.

I would like to find a marine biology partner who will use our 501c3 status to apply for grants to start a multi year study of the clean ups and their impact on marine wildlife. One of our boats would be the base of operations and work platform for executing the grant.

Rudy Socha
Wounded Nature - Working Veterans
Cell 440-452-1042


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