[MARINE_BIOLOGY_INTERNATIONAL] Boating this weekend? Watch out for manatees


Boating this weekend? Watch out for manatees

Jan 06, 2012 5:57 PM EST

By Joelle Parks, NBC2 Reporter

If you plan on heading out on the water this weekend, make sure you're obeying the manatee no wake zones. Florida Fish and Wildlife is increasing patrols this weekend to protect the gentle giant.

The cold temperatures earlier this week forced manatees to find warmer water inland. But now, the giant sea cows are moving back into the bays to find food.

It's happening at the same time boaters are taking to the waterways to enjoy this weekend's weather.

Besides going idle speed, FWC has some other advice to avoid hitting the sea cows.

"Wear polarized glasses, look for footprints- swirls in the watt that indicate the manatees are rising or descending, and basically report to us any distressed manatees," said Art Murrow, with FWC.

The fine for speeding in a manatee zone is $88. Fort Myers Police and the Lee County Sheriff's Office are also increasing patrols.

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