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A friend and former colleague from the University of Guam and the Marine Laboratory is in the process of producing a book that narrates the life of Kimiuo Aisek -- a Chuukese islander who grew up during the Japanese occupation of his island group (Chuuk - formerly Truk) in the Western Pacific Islands of Micronesia ... and who became a dive-master and guide to many (including Jacques Cousteau) who wanted to view the remains of most of the Imperial Japanese Navy fleet that was sunk in the Chuuk atoll lagoon during a definitive battle of World War II called the "Truk Turky Shoot". Dianne Strong and her husband Ron were some of the first civilian divers from Guam who dived to many of the wrecks in the lagoon. The wrecks now exhibit an amazing reclamation by the corals and fishes of the area. Dianne has written the book (it's in final production stages now) but needs to "kickstart" it to get it published. You can see more about it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/276115698/witness-to-war-truk-lagoons-master-diver-kimiuo-ai

There's a chance that you may be able to schedule a dive with Dianne or one of Kimiuo's sons to see the submerged fleet yourself.

I hope this inspires the group ... to help preserve some Pacific island history as well as a memorial to the horror of war... and how nature recovers ...

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Dave Gardner, CCNA
Pacific Consultants Group

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