[forensic-science] Would a Blog Help Your Business, Product, Website or Book?


Note: I submitted this thinking many members of the group would be
valuable contributors.

I publish seven blogs. They are increasingly visible and offer a good
opportunity if expanding your blogging/social media presence would
assist you in your endeavors. The blogs and stats are listed below.
Each blog is fed via RSS to various Twitter accounts such as
www.twitter.com/policeofficer <http://www.twitter.com/policeofficer> ,
and from there is additionally aggregating and fed as "American
Heroes News" on: www.americanheroespress.com
<http://www.americanheroespress.com/> , www.americanheroesradio.com
<http://www.americanheroesradio.com/> , www.police-writers.com
<http://www.police-writers.com/> , www.military-writers.com
<http://www.military-writers.com/> and www.firefighter-writers.com
<http://www.firefighter-writers.com/> .

As a co-author, a 3-4 sentence "byline" with links to your
website, book, etc. is completely appropriate. If any of the categories
fit your book, business or product, and you interested in becoming a
co-author, send an email to editor@police-writers.com
<mailto:editor@police-writers.com> , indicate which blog and one or two
sentences on how your expertise, book, or business fits the category.

If you would like to publish the total feed on your website, send me an
email and I will send you the html code.

Category: Terrorism, Homeland Security

URL: http://criminal-justice-online.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 11

Entries: 12,159

Average Page Views Per Month: 10,600

Category: Military

URL: http://military-online.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 38

Entries: 13,045

Average Page Views Per Month: 10,200

Category: Criminal Justice

URL: http://criminal-justice-online.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 75

Entries: 6,531

Average Page Views Per Month: 22,730

Category: Criminal Justice Education

URL: http://criminal-justice-online-courses.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 2

Entries: 6,531

Average Page Views Per Month: 12,766

Category: Leadership, Organizational Management

URL: http://leadership-online.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 11

Entries: 1,107

Average Page Views Per Month: 1,286

Category: Technology

URL: http://talk-technology.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 10

Entries: 3884

Average Page Views Per Month: 6,112

Category: Outdoor

URL: http://hunting4predators.blogspot.com

Coauthors: 5

Entries: 345

Average Page Views Per Month: 537

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