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A new model of marine conservation is being set up in Kenya, targeting whale sharks as well as other sharks. It basically boils down to this; show the local fishermen that a live whale shark is by far more valuable than a dead one. The EAWST ( East African Whale Shark Trust ) are planning to set up an enclosure in the sea, 100 times the size of the Georgia aquarium ( currently keeping 4 whale sharks ) and allow tourists to swim with these gentle giants for a fee. Local school children will be able to participate for free while funds generated will go to local communities in exchange to stop the killing of whale sharks. Whale sharks are being targeted in Kenya for their livers and fins. (42 whale sharks killed in a single month!) An ongoing research program is also planned, the sharks (2 at a time ) will be released every 6 month. As far as shark conservation goes, this model seems to benefit everyone involved including the sharks.

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